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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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PAIDEIA: Conference on architectural education

Paideía, (from the Greek παιδεία, "education" or "formation", at the same time from παις, country, "child") for the ancient Greeks, the process of raising children, understood as the transmission of values (knowing how to be) and technical knowledge (know-how) inherent to society.

People interact with architecture not only by living, working or learning in it, but also through the assimilation of indirect messages that we receive, coming from its design processes,  its built shapes, its functions, patterns of use or maintenance. To educate people on sustainability, the built environment must be recognized as a tool or medium that encourages people to live more sustainably.

The PAIDEIA conference, is based on exchange meetings between professionals from the world of education, architecture, urbanism, design ..., and begins with this first edition emphasizing the mediation in architecture and urbanism with people in the ages of primary education (6 to 12 years). Under the umbrella of the third Euskadi International Architecture Biennial, over two days, a series of lectures, round tables and workshops will be held in person, with the invited guests, international experts in the dialogue between education, architecture and urbanism.

With the opportunity the project offers us - bringing people of reference in this educational field closer together to know first-hand the good practices that they offer us - the next day, a series of workshops will be organized with the visiting teams in shools. Each of the workshops will last approximately two hours and have a capacity of approximately 20-25 children, coinciding with the ecosystem of a primary school class.

Registration by writing to:

There will be simultaneous translation. To use this service, bringing your own phone and headphones is necessary, and you can hear translarion with the Zoom app.

Organizer: ATARI Kultura Arkitektonikoa

Collaborates: Maushaus

The Programme is being prepared