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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Lev Bratishenko

Lev Bratishenko is the inaugural Curator Public at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), producing research in public through events and series like How to: reward and punish (2021), Docu-dramas (2020), How to: disturb the public (2019), My Invisible Friend (2019), Should we worry? (2019), How to: not make an architecture magazine (2018), No parks? (2017), Come and Forget (2017), and introducing new formats like the "counter-tour" and the "institutional performance festival." Contributing to CCA projects since 2007, he was editor of It's All Happening So Fast: A Counter-History of the Canadian Environment (CCA / JAPSAM, 2016) and curator of The object is not online (2010).

The Canadian Centre for Architecture is an international research institution and museum premised on the belief that architecture is a public concern. CCA produce exhibitions and publications, develop and share its collection as a resource, advance research, offer public programs, and host a range of other activities driven by a curiosity about how architecture shapes—and might reshape—contemporary life. CCA invite collaborators and the wider public to engage with its activities, giving new relevance to architectural thinking in light of current disciplinary and cultural issues.


The Programme is being prepared