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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Sara San Gregorio

Sara San Gregorio is an architect, maker and mediator in culture and education. Creator and designer of objects and play spaces, she works conceptualizing projects in which the playful experience is also an aesthetic, creative, shared and free experience.

She experiments with processes of collective construction at all scales, co-creating playful devices mediating children's play and learning and reclaim real and symbolic spaces for childhood. Although different, the projects she works in and the roles from which she carries them out have the following points of view and lines of action in common: Open design as a trigger for free play, The culture of play as a consideration for childhood and Shared processes between contemporary creation and non-directive play.

Curator of 'La Regadera' (artistic installations to be played by children from 0 to 5 years old), 'Al Raso' (large camping and collective celebration of night and nature in the city) or 'Juguetoría', (Toy factory built from everything they have spontaneous play, open design and free culture in common). She is the creator of a line of disobedient toys 'Menudas Piezas' and founder of her own Ludolocum laboratory where she continues to investigate play and the objects involbed on it, after her work at Medialab-Prado as mediator-researcher.


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