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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Liene Gaujeniete & Agnese Lāce

Skolnieks Petnieks Pilsetnieks (Learner Explorer Citydweller), started in Latvia in 2009 to guide children and young people into knowledge about the formation of the built environment in order to facilitate future adults,   users of built environment, clients and legislators, into understanding about architecture and urban environment. They responsibly teach the teachers, parents, businessmen, mercenaries, the built environment change administrators, ministers and presidents. The project is implemented by the Young Architects Association, which is one of the newest structures under the Latvian Association of Architects. The Young Architects Association was established in the spring 2009. In 2015 SPP finished the digital methodological tool for the training course of the built environment. In 2017 SPP has become a member of the UIA WP Architecture & Children.


The Programme is being prepared