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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Roberta Ghelli

Roberta Ghelli is an architect with a PhD in sociology. She is a researcher at the AAU-Cresson laboratory and a professor at the National Higher School of Architecture in Grenoble. She works in the transmission of architectural culture, the co-construction of projects and the diversification of professional practices in architecture. Since 2013, she has organized workshops in educational centers to bring this discipline closer to childhood through the sensitive discovery of space and plastic creation.

Her doctoral thesis 'Éduquer les enfants à l'architecture: mediations àl'école' deals with education in architecture in schools in France (the political context, the different approaches in which it can be cataloged, the pedagogical effects) when from the 70s, the school, cultural and social dissemination of architecture began, causing an evolution and diversification in the practices of architects.


The Programme is being prepared