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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Confluences x MAYRIT Meeting: fluid practices

Mayrit is a design event that reflects on the Biennial format from research and proposal; it is both a platform for content generation, as well as a network of opportunities and care for the collective of designers in Madrid.

Confluences is a program that accompanies Mayrit between editions, as a way to generate a map of the ecosystem of thought in the national context and not lose the connection with the essential agents in the scene.

The second edition of Mayrit (2022), The drowned worlds, invites us to understand design as a radical practice, a tool for change that speculates with new material ecologies through positions committed to the future, but above all, to the present.

In this meeting we are interested in talking and highlighting profiles of the local sector in the Basque Country and its international projection. The speakers of the meeting reflect the various critical approaches to design and architecture from the Basque context, either as an investigation of the intersection between body and space and matter both online and in real life (Igor Bragado / Common Accounts), or a solution based on sustainability and the use of organic materials (Ainhoa Garmendia),  as a response to very specific generational needs that leads to projects such as Zer Moduz to the community and its relationship with a reflection on the heritage and legacy of cities, as a thread that connects with the theme of this edition of Mugak: "Heritage and Modernity".


Organizer: Mayrit Bienal




19:30 h

Open to the public until full capacity is reached



The Programme is being prepared