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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Ainhoa Garmendia

Ainhoa Garmendia is a product design engineer at Donosti. He often uses natural materials in his designs to raise awareness of contemporary issues, such as sustainability. In recent years he has led a nomadic lifestyle, living in Helsinki, Madrid, Italy, Portugal and recently in Bali, where he completed a year working in Indonesia learning from its traditional crafts and natural rituals. Currently back in San Sebastian, she continues her collaborations as a designer in her studio. Among her outstanding professional experiences, she has worked in the sustainable fashion brand ECOALF, in the design team FABRICA design center, in the studio of Patricia Urquiola, also in the Vista Alegre porcelain workshops, in the Jencquel Studio in Bali, as a professor at the University of Tecnun and also in Tabakalera within the Precious Plastic community.

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