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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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'Sketches' workshop for kids

In today's Japanese language, there is a verb whose phonetics establishes a beautiful homonymy relationship between the act of drawing and the art of writing. The term Kaku does not make any distinction between these two phenomena of sensitivity executed with a brush. Drawing and writing sound the same to the ear and their traces are usually intermixed in the space of the paper, without establishing a clear hierarchy in the eyes of the viewer.

The West also experienced a time when the reality that surrounded its inhabitants was represented with drawings. These complex ideograms were gradually evolving and abstracting their forms towards alphabet systems, and drawing and writing took different paths and tools.

However, there are still clear spaces of confluence and coexistence, for graphite and inks, in the architectural plans that use soft leads and clear fonts, to face, especially at the beginning, the complexity of the projects, through sketches and notes on foot.

The case of the planimetries of the architect Carme Pinós is a clear example of that compositional game of visual communication, where the letters with clear geometries are incorporated naturally into the organic drawings of their planfloors and sections, inviting us to rotate the plans or move the head to capture the ideas scribed.

In this workshop, inspired by the work of Carme Pinós and, as in the Japanese Kaku, typography and drawing will merge into a single and undifferentiated set of signs.

For kids between 7-12 years old.

Registrations: (November 12 full)

Organizer: Maushaus.

Sponsor: Basque Government



12-11-2021 / 26-11-2021


November 12 (full) and 26

17:30 - 19:00


The Programme is being prepared