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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Ink bodies and algorithm silhouettes


Angel Péris (Valencia, 1993) and Jaime de los Ríos (San Sebastián, 1982) speak to us from different sources but with the same voice. Their works arise from the collusion between art and nature with a strong sense of contemporaneity. They combine the depth and refinement of technique with the restlessness and the occurrence of the artistic problems existing today.

When observing their compositions, we find both of their works are elaborated with great skill; a delicate, refined, concise and subtle work in which each one lays out his own drawings. Peris organically on paper, and de los Ríos from a computational formula.

From the role of Ángel Péris, that warm, close material, almost human due to its affinity to us, we come to the algorithmic paintings of Jaime de los Ríos with his infinite forms in movement. The two artists start from contemplation to collect what is observed and apply it to art in motion. They investigate an almost visceral aspect

and enter each one with his tools, finding their true nature and reason while simultaneously imprinting their own character in each work.

In the case of Ángel Peris, the appearance achieved is similar to the one that nature itself prints on surfaces over time, erodes, stains, polishes it, papers of different formats and origins, intervenes with brush and ink, perforated, scratched seams ... Jaime de los Ríos' artistic research (mainly through installations and algorithmic painting) focuses on the intersection of systemic science especially with regard to mechanisms, rhythms and natural patterns.

The work of these two artists immerses us in thought and forces us to reflect. Their installations, apparently so far away from their different proposals, merge into the same concept that leads us to inquire about nature, the passage of time, the environments we inhabit, the use of materials, the extraction of colors, and the involvement in culture...

Curator: Cristina de la Fuente


12-11-2021 / 19-11-2021


11.00 – 13.30h / 16.30 – 20.30h

11.00 – 13.30h



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