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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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SOLAR K. 25 years envisioning the Kursaal

Despite the initial opposition from a sector of the citizens, reluctant to modernize the urban character of San Sebastian, the glass prisms designed by Rafael Moneo for the mouth of the Urumea have definitely become one of the symbols of the Gipuzkoan capital.

Considered one of the main works of its author, the Kursaal Elkargunea Center was the last episode of a long process of urban transformation of one of the most privileged spots of the city where it is located.

The book SOLAR K summarizes 25 years of proposals for the singular site, representing in comparative form 21 of the 135 solutions offered by as many architectural teams in response to the 3 competitions held between 1964 and 1989, from the time it was decided to replace the old casino building to the moment Moneo's project was chosen to replace it.

Mario Sangalli and Iñigo Viar will present, in charge of the edition, with the participation of the rest of the authors who have collaborated on the book: Felipe Aurtenetxe, Ana Azpiri, Ander Caballero and Diego Rodríguez.

Organizer: ETSA UPV/EHU

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