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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Presentation of the book 'San Sebastian from A to Z'

The book 'Donostia from A to Z' is composed of a local typographic set of the city, with fragments and details of the buildings, streets and squares, which will show an approximation and a re-reading of the city, curious and casual.

The presentation of this publication will consist of two well differentiated parts if the weather allows it. On the one hand, we will show in the room the ins and outs, the motivation and the physical result of this particular guide to the city, based on the experience of several of the participating agents, who will show us the importance of the point of view we have of our urban environment.

We will enliven this meeting, seeking to break the frontality of the format, to the extent that the Covid protocols allow it and giving the public a greater role, to promote participation and exchange. From a point on, we will turn the presentation into a small tour of the old part of San Sebastian, as a photographic rally. We will go through the practice going out to walk the streets to make each other with a “sui generis” alphabet based on photographs of fragments of architecture, in the manner of the mechanics used in the book.

In this way we propose to open up to a new look at the old city and carry out a search, altering the traditional perception of the environment and that we hope will capture the interest of the public not specialized in architecture.

At the end of the presentation, a copy of the book will be given to each attendee.

Organizer: Maushaus

Registration: (limited places)




11:00 - 13:30



The Programme is being prepared