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Presentation of the book 'Iñaki Galarraga. Some writings... and other architectural work'

The book 'Algunos escritos… y otras labores de arquitectura' adopts the Augustinian concept, setting out to explain the ages of architect Iñaki Galarraga Aldanondo.

After studying in Barcelona (1969) and a formative time with architects Peña Ganchegui y Garay, he began his career in 1974. This autobiography is divided into five main parts. These are rounded off by a very brief, intense conclusion.

The said ages begin with the his early professional career, with descriptions of urban analysis and other planning and building work.

Then comes an extensive account of the architect's work at the time of the transition from the Franco dictatorship to democracy in Spain, including the organisation of the autonomous regions and the creation of the town planning and architecture administration in the Basque Country. From drawing up reports considering architectural issues in choosing the capital of the autonomous region to building small pavilions in the garden of Ajuria Enea, the seat of the Basque presidency, and including a direct role in the architectural adaptation of the administrative buildings right at the start. 

The renovation of the Palacio Miramar in San Sebastián, former country residence of Spanish queen regent María Cristina, takes up the middle of the book, recounting the vicissitudes, plans, ideas for the future and building of one of the most important sites and buildings in the architectural history of San Sebastián.

The last two chapters deal with the writings for the press that interspersed the author's political and professional career. Divided into writing on architecture and town planning, with special attention to the San Sebastián School of Architecture, and political writing, mainly about cultural matters, though not ignoring his personal views on the Basque and Catalan questions at the time. 

Organised by: Higher Technical School of Architecture of the UPV/EHU (ETSA)

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